31 march 2016

Tomorrow is my exam but who cares ? 



, virat smashed away the bowl along with carrebian bowlers , free time so I decided to write my blog , new thing which I have saw in cricket is commentary and dialogues :- Itni asaan catch thi ki Sholay ka Thakur bhi pakad leta” ~ Sehwag  😂😂
Waiting for next inning . Hopefully , we will won πŸ˜€ INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA


29 march 2016

What is expectation ? As per pictures and my knowns’ opinion , disappointment, sorrow etc. are the results of expectation.
But is it absolutely wrong to do expectation ? I don’t think so , I am 20 year old , I am here because of my parents , if i starts telling them that please, never expect anything from me. What they will think ? We were waiting for this day , For these words from you. I know if I will not able to fulfill their expectation than they will getting disappointed from me , but I can try to my best.
We can’t say directly ‘NO EXPECTATION’
We can’t be so rude .
If someone starting talking to you so rudely , even you did nothing bad , I had learnt DO GOOD HAVE GOOD , but sometimes people made these universal lines wrong. someday you will get punished by someone for the acts of someone else.

27 and 28 march

Great knock by virat kohli, a master piece betting performance . it was feeling like he can smash every bowl where ever he wants to ?Β  i had received a troll for yesterday’s match i.e. india GOT QUALIFIED , Australia GOT KOHLIFIED πŸ˜€

Today , it was a great day for sometime and blank day for the whole time.Β  I was too excited about something & i got nothing , why i was so excited and that turns into the disappointment, if you want something from someone , that is your problem , not of other one’s .Β sometimes excitement turns into the expectation and results into disappointment.

26 march 2016

The reason behind this quote is not to express what i am thinking , i am thinking from others point of view.

Whatever is happening to you and by someone, just enjoy it. If it creates a negative impact on you. there may be valid reason behind that impact , think positive or if you can’t bare this impact then just leave and come out of this circle

this is a cycle in which many of people are running, it works like as world.


25 march 2016

Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice  with gyani and ishan . firstly about movie , I found something which can be usually seen in Bollywood movies , villain kidnap hero’s mother and threatened him to do wrong task , the same thing happens with superman.
Secondly, I enjoyed very much with my childhood friends , it’s been more than 7 years of friendship . but I noticed one thing boys usually called each other not by as a friend but as a BHAI. Bhai hai tu mera πŸ˜€ so touchy !! Apne choro ki baat hi alag hai πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ apna sa feel aata hai , haina bhai logo. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

24 march 2016

Holi gift from team India. Won by 1 run but unfortunately I was not able to watching the match. Reason being , me and my galli friend were playing galli cricket whole the night. It was so so so great experience for me & we were enjoying a lot.
I got angry on someone today, that got turns into a unexpected situation. But after sometime I realised that I did a mistake . Realisation of mistake is better than to say sorry. If you don’t want to loose someone than you will trying to do all the efforts for let them with you. This was HAPPENING AROUND ME.

23 march 2016

Different colours and wishes from your known ones will make your life colourful and blessed. Have some fun , no wastage of water , this time gulaal only.  Happy holi and wait for kanha Ji he will come to join us. 😄🙏🏼:)👏🏼
Keep smiling and determined πŸ˜€

22 march 2016

Right now. A confusing situation arising around me. If we want to express with our parents. We can’t , reason being we have different set of thinking bundle in our mind. What we want to do ? What they want from us to do ? What we will do ? Totally uncertain , In short what is HAPPENING AROUND ?
But a in depth crack of fire to express.
We can’t left this in hands of god. We are depending upon god but God is depending upon us. Otherwise how it will works ? If we all stop doing work suddenly. Then god has nothing to do. Empty problem in motionless earth. If we are waiting for a light never comes. Don’t wait , start doing your KARMA.
Then take a long breathe and say ‘ Jo hoga dekha jayega ‘. keep smiling and determined πŸ˜€

21 march 2016

It was a great day. Pending birthday celebration completed & speechless about exam paper.
My friend asked me some questions I want to share the whole conversation with you all. Text me on WhatsApp or Facebook if you have little interest about this.
Twinkie :- What is absolute in this universe ?
Me :- Firstly, I am ‘not thanking’ you for asking me such a nice question. It is totally depends upon our thinking.  Three answer yes, no or may be. Take my example :- yes – if I get satisfied from my self. I think I am perfect and I don’t care about what others thinking. No :- if I do cares about others thinking. May be :- if I m confused whether I am perfect or not… Are they right Or I’m  ? Your thinking changes your thoughts.
Twinkie :- Friendship is absolute or temporary ??
Me :- This will definitely gonna make sense. Something reason behind this. Yes, no or may be . two persons involves in friendship term. It is depend upon them. If they both think that they are awesome together. Than friendship turns into a valuable term. Now they have values in between them.
‘One thank  = One dark chocolate ‘ I can’t thanks to her πŸ˜€