17 march 2016

Not a bad day as I post this before the night. What is HAPPENING AROUND ME ? Firstly, most important one – ICC CRICKET T-20 WORLD CUP, 3 Hours time pass we can also say time kill. Some of cricket fans will got angry on me about kill factor, but its my opinion. Secondly, no message is also a message, if someone stopping messaging you than means it is also a message. Thirdly, what you will do if you stuck into between study, responsibility and character – really hard to maintain , you have to do all work together and keeping smiling all the way. And last, graduation papers : if I studying these books all the time, and then some one who didn’t studied before the exam and he got more marks then me. Than Why should I study ? Its Rajasthan university , people getting tired by pinching RU , and now they are speechless. Only waiting for the papers, sorry not paper only guess papers,I want to share on incident with you all : my dear friend asked me for 100 bucks for the paper, I replied is it the cost of forwarding a messaging on WhatsApp , is it so ???? Its trending man 😀


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