19 march 2016

Excitement allover around. Yes, INDIA VS PAKISTAN CRICKET MATCH !! Either it will 5-0 or 4-1 , let see what happens ? But before I have to put my thoughts into the words. Actually I was pretty upset today. I want to celebrate my friend ( ayush ) birthday. But again that b.com exams comes between us. I was getting angry that time. And was talking badly to my other friends. The problem is ? What is the problem ? Different kind of situation comes into our life and we have to face them. Different kind of problem is HAPPENING AROUND US. Yesterday my another friend (Harshit) messaged me. He was appreciating me for my blog posting and motivating me to do more . I want to thank him a lot. Appreciation will take you to the boom point of your life . ‘Always appreciate others , be thankful to those who appreciate you’ . Keep smiling and determined and at last MOKA MOKA MOKA MOKA ( you have to understand this 😀 )


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