29 march 2016

What is expectation ? As per pictures and my knowns’ opinion , disappointment, sorrow etc. are the results of expectation.
But is it absolutely wrong to do expectation ? I don’t think so , I am 20 year old , I am here because of my parents , if i starts telling them that please, never expect anything from me. What they will think ? We were waiting for this day , For these words from you. I know if I will not able to fulfill their expectation than they will getting disappointed from me , but I can try to my best.
We can’t say directly ‘NO EXPECTATION’
We can’t be so rude .
If someone starting talking to you so rudely , even you did nothing bad , I had learnt DO GOOD HAVE GOOD , but sometimes people made these universal lines wrong. someday you will get punished by someone for the acts of someone else.


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