20 may 2016

आप उनके लिए वहाँ थे, जब जरूरत थी। अब उन की जरूरत है , लेकिन कौन परवाह करता है?
you were there for them , when was the need . now is the need of them ,but who cares ? 

2 to 7 may

Hello everyone , time for sharing.
I had read a story about Akbar and birbal , conclusion was the if you have money and also you have bad plans in your mind , that plans will finished your money. Overall was like about KARMA , it decides about your current and future journey ( struggle or comfort ) . your inner soul should have good and clean thoughts about each and everyone.
Don’t plan for anything with anyone . I have lots of experience about making plans and seeing them flush like a shit .
Nothing gets starts & if starts than it will never ends positively .
Never loose self respect , it take lots of time to earn and hard to maintain , if it starts diminishing then keep a distance from those who affecting it.
Keep smiling and determined 😀 😀

9 April to 1 may

A period of 22 days , many things to share with you all
Trip to Ujjain mahakaal mahakumbh and many other mahan things to feel at Ujjain.
Struggling with something mysterious .
What I learned in these days, we should not be so judgemental upon others cos we can’t make exact estimation about what is happening with others and on the other hand sometimes we reached to a judgement and that results into a connection errors ( misunderstanding ).
Baddest thing but truth :- we are selfish but this is about the level of selfishness.
One last thing , I was talking to my father about doing faith on others.
Then what he says to me ? ‘ Vishwas ‘ jisme vish ka vaas hota hai . faith means in which the toxin is occupied by ; so be careful about doing faith on others. 🙂
Keep smiling and determined 🙂