25 June 2016


Damn!  I am here,  but don’t  know where ?  When i went to FRI ( forest research institution) at dehradun. I had clicked this one. And when i was observing this photo,  thought came in my mind that dude its like a place which i really like and completely different i ever saw,  but it is completely not belong with purpose of FRI OR DEHRADUN,  it was out of the world,  and it was a place only for me,  AN UNKNOWN  PLACE.
I blogged after a long break,  thanks a lot reading my blog,  for following me. 
One incidence i want to share,  my brother named manish,  told me that you should not to share all the personal stuff in front of all,  other can use this against you,  i was not in a state of giving him the frequent and accurate response,  I WANT TO BE A OPEN BOOK so that people can do blind faith on me,  i am expressive,  some people think of it,  some people trying to do it, BUT I  AM DOING IT WITH CONSISTENCY.  He is right but i am not wrong at my place.
Keep smiling and determined 🙂  😀



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