Happy diwali 

Happening around me


Jail or freedom ?

​when He was child ,

school was like jail for him , all the time he looked to his watch in the school , the continues sound of bell gives him a sign of freedom , school gate was like way to freedom. he decided not to run but to fly.

 Now , he is a young guy with lots of dreams in his eyes , he wants to fly out of his home , now jail changed I.e. HOME. he wants to do whatever he wants to do without any interruption from his family , I don’t know whether he will succeed or not , but he is trying to make happy to his family and friends too , without thinking about his future. Now , 

LETS MOVE TO HIS Agedness  ; last and final jail I.e. this world ; now he is become most senior person in the family ; old age effects him by many diseases , dependency and down knees . become burden on the family and to this world , now what should he do now ? starts Worship god ; and bagging for the Moksha ; start counting list of karma and suddenly God thinks call him ; no more jail , come on Son ; he is no more : 

valuable people starts crying for burden in front of society and they know ; they are still in jail ; count down begins.

Let them float


Earlier – they both were good friend.

Now – they have stop talking to each other.

what would be the reason ?

when we are floating in a high wave after a Storm ; we can’t see each other , can’t talk to each other ; we don’t want this ; but we can’t stop this moment.

solution –  patience and wait for the shore.