Day of winning of good over bad.

India celebrates Dushera every year to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama on the evil demon Ravana who kidnapped Maa Sita, wife of Lord Rama and tried to marry her by force. For a week or two series of short plays are organised in different parts of the country known as Ram-Leela depicting the epic story of Ramayana and it is concluded on the auspicious occasion of Dushera with burning of an idol of Ravana. This day is also referred to as Vijay Dashmi as it is a symbol of the good on the evil.

Yesturday, entire nation celebrated Dushera with great enthusiasm. I also went with my friends to Vidhyadhar Nagar Stadium, Jaipur and enjoyed it, we go to see it everyyear. But this time when we were returning  to our homes, we saw that some young kids of our colony have made an idol of Ravana and were about to burn it so we joined them too. Seeing them laugh and celebrate after burning the idol it made us even more happy and cheerful. The kids  made a good day even more wonderful and memorable for us.
Special Thanks to vaishnavi for her support. 



  1. In srilanka..Raven is worshiped …and it is said that he may be father of sita ….it was the reason he didn’t touch her…Nd the motive of him was to save his daughter from ram who was culprit in the vision of Raven !!….

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  2. I adore Hindu mythology. Don’t know much about it, but I do know Brahmah, Vishnu, Krishna, Indrid, and Kali. Aside from Vishnu “dreaming” the universe, Kali is my favorite. I tend more towards the dark side of life so she’s just awesome to me in a really dark way. I love all the symbolism throughout the mythology.

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