My people.


we jumped into the sea ,
like someone pushed us into the deep .
we are floating with the flow ,
your face ; is like sun with the glow .
we are unable to see each other ,
before i asked her to careful from the others ;
she said ; i am pretty sure ,
Dude !  will met on the shore.
 – ankit maharishi 
this is for you……………. happiness.
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first poetry video/GIF ; positivity.


We have proved them wrong ,

We look enough strong .

Those theories of physics are wrong ,

We face them like they are storm .

Our vibes are loosing its power ,

Like it gets down by each hour .

Yes ; we are the positive , our vibes is itself a positivity .

Stay out of our way , ’cause you are like villain in a play.

We can’t be together like perpetuity ,

‘Cause you are the negative and we are the positivity.

– ankit maharishi ©

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me – dad i want some money ?

dad – In his mind ( doctor’s appointment , payments to suppliers , his cloths on tailor’s shop and many more. )

suddenly his mind stopped working ….

in his heart ( okay , son ! take it . )

we never realize ; long bracket things gets into dustbin because of short bracket .

its not about heart and mind ; its about his love for you.


love you dad !

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He and She


He was like a Marionette ,
holder left him in the drizzle ,
now free like the drop of rain,
But left with the pain,
She finds him on clay,
her hands now working like a play ,
Broke his string ,
Gave power to his wing,
Now he is flying towards the summit,
Please ! smile , like you did it.


begins now , never ended