writers together. (read for us)

I don’t whether i am doing right or wrong ,

i want to spread words , not even mine ; yours’ also.

we write quotes ; thoughts ; after experience different situations ;

in short ; we use our heart to write those precious words ; combination of words allow others to appreciate us ; people will start knowing us that we are also exist , with our thoughts ;

i want to tell you that i am a introvert type of person ; i am less talkative ; when i started writing ;

the situation was like i am releasing my pain by the help of my words ; the purpose was not to heart any one ; not to point out for my bad times .

the whole thing ends with our words ,

yes 26 alphabets ; some words ; few lines ; pain down ; smile out ; life goes on.

i have mentioned in my last post ; that i will share a great idea with you all ;

yes ; here we are ! i want to put your words in my website ;

there are thousands of writers are in my touch ;

ย they will read them ; they can reach to you ;

i will share your social links with your words ;

we will upload our images to google images ย , mentioned with your name too.

for that you have to send me a mail with your write ups.output_8hnnpb

our mail id is – writerstogether123@gmail.com

we will upload images , GIF , poetry videos ย and many innovative ways to present your words.


thanks a lot for reading – stay in touch




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