how to follow my new blog ; read for us

Actually i was also unaware about this ; how self hosted blog gets followers ,

yinglan,  he liked my new blog’s  post ,

i was wondered how he did that ,

cos my blog is self hosted ,

how he did followed me ,

 steps to follow my blog and read out all new latest post by different writers ,

first – click on reader section on left hand side ,


second – click on manage followers ,


third – search by new blog by url ,i.e.


fourth – you will see follow button on right hand side.


why i am doing this cos i don;t wanna write post on this older blog , 

i usually publish  3 post on my new blog ; it will help you all to read something new and good.

and help me out to get rid from this old blog.

thank you ; i hope you understand ; its really difficult to handle two blogs at a time with social networking.

DO IT for once ; we will write and read together like as always.


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