21 march 2016

It was a great day. Pending birthday celebration completed & speechless about exam paper.
My friend asked me some questions I want to share the whole conversation with you all. Text me on WhatsApp or Facebook if you have little interest about this.
Twinkie :- What is absolute in this universe ?
Me :- Firstly, I am ‘not thanking’ you for asking me such a nice question. It is totally depends upon our thinking.  Three answer yes, no or may be. Take my example :- yes – if I get satisfied from my self. I think I am perfect and I don’t care about what others thinking. No :- if I do cares about others thinking. May be :- if I m confused whether I am perfect or not… Are they right Or I’m  ? Your thinking changes your thoughts.
Twinkie :- Friendship is absolute or temporary ??
Me :- This will definitely gonna make sense. Something reason behind this. Yes, no or may be . two persons involves in friendship term. It is depend upon them. If they both think that they are awesome together. Than friendship turns into a valuable term. Now they have values in between them.
‘One thank  = One dark chocolate ‘ I can’t thanks to her 😀


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